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Explore the taste of Africa with us, as we take you on a tour through African cuisine, tribe by tribe, till there is no flavour left we have not reached together.
This is BETASUP DELICACIES and this is what we do!

We are dedicated to going through the length and breadth of Africa, to bring you all the information you can get about every African dish, straight from indigenous sources, with all the tips and tricks to go about every recipes. All these we bring to you in rich and clear writing, sights, sounds and most exciting of all, The True Taste of Africa!

Here comes the rich taste of Africa, in all its diversity, for Your Family, for Your Parties, even for Your Take-Away. And for Local Ingredients, we still got you covered.

It is not just the prints, sights and sounds, BETASUP indeed brings you The True Taste of Africa!



Impress your distinguished guests with the traditional Taste of Africa.



Bring in the aroma and taste that lifts party spirit the African way.

Betasup Contracts

The scintilating aroma and rich taste of traditional African Dishes is the real secret behind the globally known highly spirited African parties. Now we stand ready to bring to your small and big parties, all the varieties you can think of, served in the very indeginous flavours

The Betasup Owanbe Contracts is your magic word to call to get your distinguished guests wowed and your party fueled to bubble with life from beging to the end, even to the after party.

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Delivered Fresh-Hot or Fresh-Frozen to serve your family .



A delicious treat for your friends,from rich ingredients.

Betasup Family-Pot

Promoting the strong African values of Family and Friendship, we bring to you The True Taste of Africa, prepared freshly on demand, for four to five servings, to be shared by family and friends.

The Betasup Family-Pot comes either as Fresh-Hot or as Fresh-Frozen, with every pot promising the freshness and richness of the traditional African taste, in its most original flavours. Your family and friends can enjoy it fresh and hot now, while you can still have it to keep for days to come.

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Ingredients combined specifically for that dish you want.



Brought from indigenous sources,nicely and safely packaged.

Betasup Ingredients

When our people say "beta soup,na money do am", the money they say actually goes down on the ingredients. We clearly understand the central importance of the quality and combination of the ingredients of any dish, so we go all out to cater for these issues to the best.

Presented as Single type of ingredient, or as a Combination of ingredients for a specific dish, the Betasup Ingredients is the secret to making exciting African dishes all by yourself.

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Beautifully and tactfully packaged for work,school and the road.



Made available right there where you like and just in time .

Betasup Take-Away

One for the road, one for the lunch box, one for the school girl, one for your desk mate and one for your darling...the Betasup Take-Away is the traditional taste of Africa, beautifuly packaged to serve everyone, anywhere, right when it is most needed.

Everyday is a special day on our calendar, so you deserve a special treat of the rich and delightful True African Taste packaged in each pack we have to offer. and we also strive to make it available right where you need it.

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We Are Sharing

We are always happy to share the knowledge, tips and tricks that we learn from our tours and research, posted in our Blog, the Live Online Kitchen Sessions, the Social Media forum and Uptown as we hangout. And it is not just the sights and sounds we are willing to share...we also make the taste go round.