Edikang Nkong Soup

Edikang ikong is specially cooked by the Efik people from akwa ibom and cross river states, it is a special vegetable cooked in special occasions and served to the special guest invited. This soup is prepared with pumpkin leaves, and water leaves. Edikang ikong  is a soup that nourishes the body with the nourishing deposited component.



Pumpkin leaves

Ugu leaves

Water leaves (Talinum Triangulare)

Beef, Panla, Shaki and Dry fish

Pepper, Salt and ground crayfish: to taste

Palm oil



Stock cubes



  1. You can use (Ugu) or other vegetable like pumpkin and water leaves. Wash it three times and cut them into tiny pieces, place them in separate sieves to drain out all the water as much as possible.
  2. Wash your meat, fresh fish and stock, place them in the pot and season them with Maggi, curry, onions, thyme, and salt before cooking them.
  3. Cook your stock fish for 30 mins before adding your meat.
  4. Grind your fresh pepper  ( Atarodo, Tomatoe, Tatashe)
  5. Place your neat dry pot on fire, pour your palm oil and leave it for 3 mins do not cover the pot when heating up the oil.
  6. Pour the fresh pepper in the hot palm oil, add your Cray fish, stock fish, fresh fish and beef
  7. You can add your Periwinkle, water leaf, and any other vegetable you plan to use, leave it for 5 minutes to avoid over cooking the vegetable.
  8. And the food is ready.


Periwinkles are appreciated in the Asian part of the world, it is considered as a delicacy in African and Asian cuisines.

The protein in the meat is high

It is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and low in fat.

Raw snails generally have water, protein, and fat.

Edikang ikong is a soup that can be served with Rice, pounded yam, Amala, Fufu etc.

All the ingredients added to the Edikang Ikong give a lot of nutrients to the body.

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