In the past,  Nkwobi has been found to be cooked by the Igbo tribe, it is cooked and served at special parties and relaxation centers. It is best enjoyed with cold palm wine, beer. Nkwobi has been in existence for a very long time and it can be cooked with bush meat (edible wild animals), like squirrel, grass cutter, rabbit and antelopes. Recently domestic animals are also used to prepare it.

Nkwobi is an Igbo delicacy made with different kinds of meats, in a little broth. It is mostly cooked in the eastern part of Nigeria. It can be cooked with good spices.


Meat (chicken, wild meat, goat, cow tail, assorted meat)

Maggi / knorr
Utazi leaves
Edible potash
Palm oil
Salt and pepper to taste


Wash all the Meat and season them with spices. Nkwobi cannot be cooked with stock fish or dry fish, it is majorly meat, even chicken is not the right meat to use it belongs to the bird category. Cook the meat for 10 minutes.

Mortar is a very important tool used in Nkwobi preparation, (an African carved hollow wood), but your pots can also be used if you find it difficult to get mortar.

Wash your Ugu vegetable, slice them into smaller pieces, slice the onions and Utazi and put them in a clean plate for use. Then set aside on a plate, some people choose to add these two during the preparation process while others use only one of them.

Wash and boil the Ugba in small amount of water for 3 minutes. This technique is hygienic and it solves all health threats. Boiling the Ugba kills all the hidden bacteria.

Cut the meat into tiny edible pieces and cook the meat, make sure the water looks almost dry to avoid the soup from giving you a pepper soup result.

Measure the potash and add water to it to dissolve, filter about half a cup into the pot.

Pour about half a cup of palm oil into the pot, stir to obtain a thick yellow paste (ncha) and you are just few steps away from having a very delicious nkwobi, also add two spoons of ground crayfish, Ugba, pepper and salt to taste, then stir very well before adding the meat.

It is advised to allow the meat rest for 10 minutes before using, If the meat is too hot, it will dissolve the “Ncha”( it also changes in color once the palm oil is added ( reddish) ).

Add the sliced onions and Utazi but reserve a little of both for decoration.The utazi is very necessary because it adds a faint bitter taste which is an integral part of Nkwobi and some other Nigerian foods.

At this moment, stir it and turn it in a round plate or calabash and decorate with sliced onion, pepper and Utazi.

Nkwobi adds a lot of nutritional value to the body due to the ingredients used in cooking it; it’s filled with minerals and vitamins.

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